We have made a very broad choice of colors for the woven tea towels and napkins. This was possible by using one or two different colors as woof. Some tea towels have only one woof and some have two woofs (all the 9 linen tulip fields design and 15 of the cotton tulip field design). Each sort of woven tea towel or napkin has 1 warp of white organic cotton. You can recognize the 2 woofs towels by looking at the backside. Also the 2 woofs towels have more of a striped image than the towels with only one color woof. It is surprising to see what combinations of 2 different colors woof can result in. For example the “Linen Summer Green” tea towel is made out of the woof color Pacifique (Aqua Blue) and the second woof with color Oro Antico (gold yellow) which gives a summery green together. To know if the tea towel has two woofs you can look at the information next to the product when ordering. You see Summer Green L2. The number “2” at the product information means two different woofs. All the woven napkins have 2 woofs.

In this case you can send an email to info@beauberger.com and make your order by mentioning name, address, emailaddress and telephone number and which products you want to buy. We will than send you an invoice by email. Once we have received your payment on bankaccount F.C. Berger-Smeets BeauBerger
number NL 18 ABNA0 522305369 (with reference to the invoice number and name of the customer) we will send the products to you.

Small deviations in quality, size, color, finishing of the products of BeauBerger is inevitable. For example the hems of woven tea towels are hand stitched in Tilburg and it is technically not possible to always sew 100% straight hems.

The shipping costs within The Netherlands are calculated on basis of the weight of the package. The costs for sending one tea towel is €3,-. If you order more than one tea towel or one napkin (or for an amount above €35,-) the shipping costs for within The Netherlands will be free.

It is possible to order from abroad. The shipping costs will than be in accordance with the rates of TNT Post tarieven (look at http://www.postnl.nl/versturen/brief-of-kaart-versturen/tarieven/). Sending one tea towel or napkin within Europe will be € 6,25 (rate for 110-250 gram). If your order is above the €75,- the shipping costs are free.

In case a customer is not satisfied with the product a customer can – in accordance with the Dutch Law “Koop op Afstand” (purchase at distance) – return his order on own costs within 14 days after having received the order without giving a reason. The product however must be returned in the original package and may not be damaged. After having received the returned product in correct state, the purchase amount will be refunded to the customer within 30 days on their bank account.

In case the customer has received an incorrect order, than the correct order will be sent as soon as possible and the costs for returning the incorrect order are for BeauBerger.